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I believe that commitment to public safety and putting people ahead of political gain are two of the most important functions an elected official can fulfill.

As a lifelong resident of Long Beach, I understand what to preserve and where we have room for improvement.  I grew up here, went to school here, and raised a family here.

My commitment is to our community, not special interests.

I have the Experience, Skills and Time to dedicate, that is necessary to help our City Prosper, while preserving the elements that make Long Beach the envy of Southern California.  I hope to earn your Trust so that I may Support You!

Not Solo...  But, "Together"...  We can forge a Better, more Prosperous "Future" in Long Beach



Updated: 4/8/2014 . .   Please view the "Big Picture" Below

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*Note...  While Election Day can be engrossing, Please remember to take time out to enjoy 
Ben & Jerry's Free Ice Cream Cone Day!

There's a Ben & Jerry's located in the Town Center (Carson/605 Fwy)

The Big Picture

The following charts provide a scope of what I plan to integrate into my daily function of being your councilwoman.

I believe it's one step, in a positive approach, to staying abreast with the issues, and connecting with the community as a whole, while keeping up to date Citywide.



The chart above provides an overall picture of activities, while the chart below, drops down into the details of a given project.  (*Both are examples)






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